Friday, November 26, 2010

Words, Finally.

Alright, so time to actually write more in this blog to mix things up. I've been well, working a lot but it's all good, if I wasn't working at home I'd be broke at home and bored right?, right? Lately I've just be wondering what was I doing when I was unemployed?? Too long fo sho.
   Its deffintly winter time here in vancity, we have had two days of snow, the first snowfall happend inconviently right before me and courtney were heading out to the cobalt downtown, we were not happy partiers that night...

 I've also been thinking alot about "life" and all that. I think winter time makes me get a little sentimintal about stuff like that. Like how much time do we have left? what will we regret? Why are the days long but the years fly by? and what is my journey? Is it a journey?? I'm thinking forward, and feeling motivated. I want to make a change, so I'm thinking of moving somewhere new for the summer of 2011, perhaps a bit into the fall aswell just depending how I like it and what progress I am making.
   I've also started to really miss modeling, and acting, and want to further pursue a career in the fashion industry. I don''t know what aspect of it yet but, ithe fashion world for sure. I havn't been putting this down lately.... 


and I've also taken the liberty of setting up a shoot this sunday so I am super excited to get back into it. I'm trying this whole new thing though, where I stay motivated, but have it so thats not all I want from life. I want to avoid the waiting place. The place where im just sitting by my computer and my phone, waiting... waiting... waiting for an oppertuntiy, for someone to message or call back. WAITING FOR MY DREAMS. you can't WAIT for them, the moment NEVER comes knocking unless you invite it over. My good friend once said "luck is when perperation meets perfect timing" and when i got my picture on the back of the block magazine for the smart mouth cafe ad, a wise teacher once said simply "congradulations, now the challenge is to make the rest of your life filled with moments like this, moments when you are proud, and moments where you are anticpating what the future has in store". Probably a million inspiring things were said while i was in vfs, FUCK i should of taken more notes! start writing kiddies. Stop waiting, No ones calling. 

okay wait,,, one fashion photo. i love this.


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