Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not Forgotten

I am offically nocturnal, working over nights monday to thursday at urban outfiters then partying friday - sunday, theres only time to sleep in the day right ?? Let me tell you though, what I'm doing on granville at 2 am sure has changed. Instead of being one of the drunken, underessed, clubbers who are flocking to the mcdonalds. I am painted displays, changing posters, arranging products, and listening to everything from crystal castles to ying yang twins.
   I promise myslef a better blog post next time, right now im going to eat some whole wheat rice, mmm. Wishin it was halloween.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hoodie babbbbyyyy

Hoodie Allen & Marina & The Diamonds - "I am not a robot"

 I love hoodie's rapping! I've got this on repeattt!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kerrisdale Lovin'

So this past weekend my roomate Courtney was wanting to see more of Vancouver, the areas that everyone who inhabtes the "downtown bubble" tends to forget about. So after me waking up from the zombie state of working overnights, We decided to venture out in the day to my old Neighbourhood Kerrisdale

  On the way there we met up with the newly brunette birthday girl, Emily! We looked around a few vintage shops and boutiques, and  went to a store I love called Hobbs which is located @ 2127 W 41st Ave. They sell home decor, and are also kind of a floral shop, it sounds weird that a 20 year old would like this kind of shop but it have some sweet stuff to look at inside. They also have a patio in the back where they sell more stuff, and we decided to take pictures.


After looking around some more we went to a sushi place I had never been to before, even though I was always in the area. and i was shocked and delighted to find out that they had PICKLE maki. As in sushi with pickles in it, its my new favorite.
                     Now whenever I go for sushi I'm going to be snookin' for that pickle maki.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Love is... Pharrel Williams voice at 5 in the morning

  If working overnights at urban outfitters the past couple of nights has taught me anything, other then that urban outfitters got ALOT of new things this week, its how much I love dancing to NERD, and this soothing side of pharrell's vocals. 

PhotobucketNERDS new album "nothing" comes out nov 2nd 2010. It's going to include "Hot n fun" which was released earlier this year! (check out the boys noize remix of that if you havnt already! its DOPE)


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yummy Traditions

I was feeling some city pride the other day and decided to take my roomie courtney who I moved to the city with around to show her "My Vancouver". Which of course meant taking her around the east hastings area where I went to film school. Costume and wig shops, since its almost halloween, and I just find them fun all the time anyway. 
    Then we ventured into gas town which is an area I'm determined to spend more time, if you havn't checked out Junk Deluxe yet, YOU HAVE TO! It is a vintage shop located @ 310 West Cordova Street. The Clothes are "Yummy", and if you bring/pay cash they will knock of the taxes for you (yay no hst!!). I wound up just buying a vintage lacoste cardigan that was made by lacoste and izod, in grey. for about 58. And I am in love. Then we went aaaallllllllll the way to Denman, for some yummy cheesecake at true confections on denman. I got the carmel with apple which was the feature. SO GOOD. true confections is @  866 Denman. located almost right off robson.
PhotobucketCourtney was feeling festive, and also made a turkey dinner, complete with yam frys (home made) and pie. I'm more then thankfull for this thanksgiving even if it was belated due to our crazy work schedules because, this is probably the best meal by far to grace our kitchen table, I even lit the ikea candles, ooh lala.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

too pretty to be a cowboy



feelin' a little bit of ke$ha

fur - h&m 20
shirt - true valley 10
necklace (house of harlow 1960) - holt renfrew 90