Sunday, November 28, 2010

think less. stupid more.

quit worrying so much. You can talk and talk and talk about your problems, but why not put the energy into what you are going to do about that problem, Our inner talk creats the world that we live in, so if you have negitive talk all the time, you are always going to be in a shitty place. You take comofort in the way you view the world, you inner talk repeats, and so will the day. Same day over and over. I learnt this from kelly cutrone, but it has been more relevant lately.
   Never have I had things in my life be soooo good, yet so shitty and so unsure. But do I sit around and talking about how shitty things, no I'm more inspired then ever. Working harder. All we all really want is tomorrow to be better then tomorrow, once you don't care about tomorrow. You don't care about anything.

read this.


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  1. I agree that everyone should read this book! I started it last week after seeing this lass on the TV. She inspires me and so do you, David Walter!