Monday, December 27, 2010

You're just words

Meaningless, You make these plans, and set these revelations for yourself, but then you ignore it and go back to normal, IF YOU ARN'T SATISFIED, then you have the answer to move on. If you are being an idiot and chosing not too then, don't complain to everyone about whats wrong. YOU control whats going on in your life, you choose who you keep around, you choose where you work, where you live, what you wear, how you look.
 Meaningless Hope We talk alot, just talk, make plans of what it'd be like to be together. Words. Gestures, Satisfaction and dissapointment, All delievered in words. We hope for the future, silently. Weight off shoulders, and its like a bad massage's happy ending. A little bit of pleasure, followed by a little bit of sadness.


Meaningless Tradition. How was your day? Hows The Weather? Sorry. I'm doing alright. Hey hows it going ?? What did you eat ? have a good day! see you tomorrow ughhhh, does anyone mean anything that they say? DO I ? 

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